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My Doctor recommended a nursing home, do we need to go to a nursing home or can Cedar Crest Estate meet our needs?

Cedar Crest is licensed as a comprehensive care facility. In most cases, you will not need a nursing home. Cedar Crest is capable of caring for residents with various physical and behavioral needs. Cedar Crest is not equipped to care for individuals with some physical needs, including an I.V. or Ventilators. Call or stop by and we will have our licensed nurse determine if Cedar Crest can meet the needs of yourself or loved one.

Would I or a loved one have to share a room?

No. At Cedar Crest both our facilities offer a private apartment suite to all of our residents.

What happens if a resident is going to run out of private funds?

Cedar Crest will work with the family and the county to ensure that financial assistance will be available to assist in the cost of staying at our facility. We work with Medicaid, Prime West and other Long-term Insurance companies. We have managers that have information and extensive experience in this field to assist you.

Is Cedar Crest Estate Medicare certified?

No, Cedar Crest is not Medicare certified for coverage of a short-term stay. However, you are still able to receive Medicare benefits towards medical equipment, medications and/or treatments.

My loved one has Memory loss, Alzheimer's / Dementia. Can Cedar Crest accommodate?

Cedar Crest has a locked and secure memory care in both of our Silver Lake and Cosmos facilities with a staff that is specially trained in Alzheimer's/Dementia. The staff are trained and ready to work with residents that suffer from early and late stages of memory loss.

What type of staff do you have at Cedar Crest Estate?

Cedar Crest has RNs and LPNs on duty or on-call 24/7, Trained Medication Aides. Certified Nursing Aides, Home Health Aides and Nursing Assistants. All of our staff are also specially trained to care for resident’s suffering with memory loss diseases.

How does Cedar Crest store and disperse resident's medications?

Medications are locked up and stored in a central location and administered by a TMA (trained medication aide) at appropriate times during the day per
doctors orders. Residents may be able to self-administer their own medications as seen fit by their physician.

Can Cedar Crest assist with making Medical Appointments and transportation?

Yes, we will have our Resident Coordinator set up and give reminders to our residents about future Medical appointments. Cedar Crest can also set up any
transportation needs you may have.

How does Cedar Crest keep track of each resident's changing needs?

We perform an initial assessment of each resident upon admission and then an assessment every 90 days thereafter we provide 24-hour supervision and monitoring of our residents with round the clock well checks, a call light system and licensed nurse on duty or on-call 24 hours, 7 days a week.

How does Cedar Crest provide person-centered care?

At Cedar Crest we provide our residents with everything they could possibly need or ask for to make them comfortable and give them peace of mind that they are being taken care of. Just ask and we will do our best. We hold care conferences with yourself or loved ones to discuss your or your loved one's physical and emotional wellbeing.

Does Cedar Crest provide any meals?

Yes, we provide 3 home-cooked meals each day and provide snacks at our Activities and/or Entertainment each day. Water and coffee are always available in our dining area.

Does Cedar Crest provide any Activities and/or Entertainment?

We schedule activities and entertainment Monday thru Friday each week. Residents may join in to do crafts, play bingo, card club, pet a service animal or listen to live music just to name a few.