​​Frequently Asked Questions 

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My Doctor recommended a nursing home, do we need to go to a nursing home or can Cedar Crest Estate meet our needs?

Cedar Crest is licensed as a comprehensive home care provider. In most cases, you will not need a nursing home. Cedar Crest is capable of caring for residents with various physical and behavioral needs. Cedar Crest is not equipped to care for individuals with some physical needs, including an I.V. or Ventilators. Call or stop by and we will have our licensed nurse determine if Cedar Crest can meet the needs of yourself or loved one.

Would I or a loved one have to share a space with someone else?

No, at Cedar Crest we offer only private apartment suites equipped with a large, private handicapped accessible bathroom, an emergency call system, kitchenette and mini refrigerator to all of our residents. We do allow couples to share a suite if they prefer to do so. 

What happens if I or my loved one run out of private funds?

Cedar Crest will work with you, your family and the county to help ensure that financial assistance will be available to you. We work with and are approved to accept payment from Medicaid, Primewest and other long-term Insurance companies. We have managers that have information and extensive experience in this field to assist you.

Is Cedar Crest Estate Medicare certified?

No, Cedar Crest is not Medicare certified for coverage of a short-term stay. However, you are still able to receive Medicare benefits towards medical equipment, medications and/or treatments.

My loved one has memory loss, can Cedar Crest accommodate?

Throughout our entire community we are able to care for loved ones with Alzheimer's disease and other related forms of dementia. We do also offer our memory care neighborhood, which is a secure locked area to keep residents safe from wandering. Our caregivers receive extensive and ongoing training to provide the most effective, positive care possible.

Can Cedar Crest assist with arranging medical appointments and transportation?

Yes, we can have our Resident Coordinator set up and provide reminders to our residents or family about future Medical appointments. Cedar Crest can also set up any transportation you may need.

How does Cedar Crest keep me informed of my loved one and their needs? 

Our Licensed Nurses or Resident Coordinator are able to contact you personally whether you need to be informed of a health concern or of an upcoming appointment. We maintain close relationships with our residents and families. Our Registered Nurse will perform initial and ongoing assessments every 90 days, thereafter. We also invite family to care conferences every six months to go over your loved ones current health and wellness. 

Does Cedar Crest provide any meals?

Yes, we serve three delicious home-cooked meals and two snacks daily in our full-service dining rooms.

Does Cedar Crest provide any activities or entertainment?

Yes, we schedule a variety of events offered weekly. Residents may join in with card club, make a craft, play bingo, pet a service animal or listen to live music entertainment just to name a few. We also provide small group and individual activities, as we know each resident's personalities are unique. We believe purpose, connection and happiness are essential for all!